30 Jul 2020 12:37

Rusal not escalating demands on Nornickel after spill, notes progress - Nornickel

MOSCOW. July 30 (Interfax) - Rusal , the second largest shareholder of Nornickel after Interros, which had raised a number of issues with the mining giant in connection with the fuel spill at a power plant in Norilsk, has noted that positive progress is being made.

At a board meeting on Wednesday that discussed matters relating to the spill and other environmental issues, "Maksim Poletaev, senior Rusal representative on the Nornickel board, noted that the issues he and Rusal had raised are being taken seriously by management and that positive progress is being made," Nornickel said in a press release.

Rusal had called for changes on the management team and for senior management to move to Norilsk.

"On the question of Nornickel head office, it was noted that the management board is and would continue to spend substantial amounts of time in Norilsk, and Norilsk would be considered the "centre of gravity" until its environmental affairs could be regarded as world class," the press release said.

Further measures to strengthen the company's management team are planned shortly, Nornickel said.

"The board commended management on the substantial progress that has been made in cleaning up the spill," Nornickel said.