29 Jul 2020 11:31

Kosachyov dismisses U.S. media reports alleging that Russian intelligence spreading disinformation on coronavirus

MOSCOW. July 29 (Interfax) - Russian Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee head Konstantin Kosachyov dismissed reports by some United States media alleging that the Russian intelligence community is responsible for spreading disinformation on coronavirus.

"Either the journalists of these publications are exercising themselves in inventing new sophisticated conspiracy theories in the hope of being awarded by their bosses, or this is yet another fake concocted by American special services," Kosachyov told Interfax on Wednesday.

"None of the conspiracy theories" published in Western media "has stood expert reviews or been confirmed in real life," Kosachyov said.

A number of U.S. media outlets earlier reported that Russian intelligence agencies are pushing disinformation on the coronavirus pandemic.

Citing declassified U.S. intelligence and their own sources, they said, in particular, that two former senior officials from the Russian military intelligence agency known as the GRU, Aleksandr Starunskiy and Denis Tyurin, were behind the publication of "false narratives" about the coronavirus on the websites InfoRos.ru, InfoBrics.org, and OneWorld.press.