22 May 2020 10:54

Russia reports almost 8,900 new coronavirus cases, record 150 deaths in past 24 hours - HQ

MOSCOW. May 22 (Interfax) - The daily growth in Covid-19 cases in Russia has been approximately on the same level for the past three days, yet the daily mortality rate has hit an all-time high, the coronavirus response operative headquarters said in a statement on Friday.

"Over the past day, 8,894 coronavirus diagnoses were confirmed in 84 regions of Russia, including 3,751 active asymptomatic cases (42.2%)," the statement said.

The daily growth stood at 8,849 cases on May 21, and 8,764 on May 20. The rate increased by 2,8% on Friday, demonstrating a steady downward trend.

The cumulative number of coronavirus cases has reached 326,448 in Russia, which still ranks second in the global coronavirus table (according to the Johns Hopkins University). The United States tops the rating (1.57 million cases) and the third position is occupied by Brazil, which is rapidly catching up with Russia (310,000 cases total, with the daily increase of 18,500).

Moscow detected 2,988 new coronavirus cases over the past day, bringing the total rate to 158,207.

The daily mortality rate hit an all-time high of 150, including 73 in Moscow, in the past 24 hours. The death toll increased by 127 on Thursday, and the previous all-time high, 135, was recorded on May 20. In all, 3,249 coronavirus patients have died in Russia by now.

Some 7,144 coronavirus patients were discharged from hospitals upon recovery over the past day, including 2,900 in Moscow. The overall recovery rate in Russia stands at 99,825.