8 May 2020 22:11

Moldovan Constitutional Court's decision on Russian loan 'perplexing, regrettable' - Russian Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW. May 8 (Interfax) - Moscow regrets the Moldovan Constitutional Court's decision effectively annulling the agreement under which Russia would lend Moldova 200 million euros, a high-ranking Russian Foreign Ministry official said.

"This decision is perplexing and regrettable," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko said in reply to a question from the media, published on the ministry website.

"It's perplexing because, firstly, it was Moldova that asked for a loan, and Russia didn't force anything on anyone. And secondly, the negotiations on the agreement were conducted openly and transparently, starting November 2019. Moldovan media covered this process. And, for some reason, nobody questioned the constitutionality of those negotiations at that stage," he said.

Additionally, this decision is regrettable because of "a politicized attitude toward the Russian loan," he said.

Rudenko proposed, "for the sake of justice," comparing the terms and conditions on which Moldova would receive money from Russia and from other countries and organizations.

"Our desire to help Moldova, a country close to us, is sincere, especially while it is coming through economic hardships, which the coronavirus situation has worsened. It's too bad that some politicians in that country, perhaps not without tips from abroad, have prioritized their own political ambitions over real needs of Moldovan citizens," he said.

The Moldovan Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday evening to annul an agreement under which Russia would extend a 200-million-euro loan to Moldova.