6 May 2020 19:42

Russian servicemen banned from using mobile phones, other gadgets on premises of military units

MOSCOW. May 6 (Interfax) - While on duty, Russian servicemen must not carry electronic gadgets able to send audio and video materials and trace their location, according to a decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Under these changes to the Disciplinary Charter of the Russian Armed Forces, a violation of the ban to carry electronic gadgets (devices, technical equipment) that can store and send audio, photo, and video materials, as well as geolocation data will be treated as a grave disciplinary offence.

In accordance with the document, which is available for viewing on the Internet portal of legal information, these measures apply to servicemen taking part in hostilities, armed conflicts, efforts to maintain and restore international peace and security, or those who participate in operations to suppress international terrorist activities outside of Russia.

Servicemen also must not carry the abovementioned gadgets if they are on combat duty, during active service, when they are assigned to a detail, take part in military exercises or naval voyages, or are present on the premises of their military unit.