6 May 2020 09:27

All forest fires put out in Irkutsk region during May holidays

IRKUTSK. May 6 (Interfax) - One forest fire was detected on an area of four hectares, and two forest fires were put out on 16 hectares in the Irkutsk region in the past 24 hours, the Irkutsk regional government press service said in a statement on Wednesday.

"No fires are burning at the moment," the statement said.

According to the regional government, ten forest fires were raging on 3,368.3 hectares in the morning of May 1; six of them were contained and four kept burning. Another six forest fires were detected on that day.

Fourteen fires, including five new and nine detected earlier, were extinguished on 6,731.5 hectares by the morning of May 2. Another 12 forests were put out on 1,097.5 hectares in the period from May 3 to 5. In all, wildfires were extinguished on more than 7,700 hectares during the May holidays.

The fire alert was declared throughout the Irkutsk region, the statement said. The regime was imposed only in southern, central, and western parts of the region on April 10, and it was applied to northern parts, as well, on May 1.