28 Apr 2020 13:04

Interfax, REC agree to support Russian exporters

MOSCOW. April 28 (Interfax) - Interfax News Agency and the Russian Export Center (REC) have signed a cooperation agreement to provide information support to Russian exporters in the country's regions.

One of the areas in which Interfax and the REC will work together will be to support the new Propose News service that the REC launched in February 2020, which can be accessed through the center's official website (https://www.exportcenter.ru/press_center/predlozhit-novost/) to submit relevant information from Russian exporters and export support centers so that regional news can be included in the federal agenda.

The latest and most interesting news stories will be published on the website of the Russian Export Center information agency and on the information resources of Interfax. This will dramatically expand the target audience, increase exporters' interest in publishing their news and establish an integrated information space for exporters.

"Our cooperation with Interfax will not only make it possible to increase the number of articles about exports in mass media, it will also facilitate the cultivation of an export culture in the business community, the appearance of new success stories, and the growth of public awareness about the foreign economic activities of Russian companies and their work on foreign markets," REC CEO Veronika Nikishina said.

"In the current difficult economic situation, it is simply necessary for Russian companies to correctly assess various risks and realize their competitive advantages at the right time. Together with the REC, we plan to tell the stories of the most successful business cases, and show the success that Russian businesses can achieve in the most diverse areas with specific examples," Interfax Group Chairman and CEO Mikhail Komissar said.

"Interfax, with the help of its information systems and analytical IT solutions, can provide support for Russian businesses in the search for reliable counterparties, both in Russia and abroad, and in providing information about Russian partners to foreign companies," Komissar said.

REC, a state institution to support non-resource exports that is part of the VEB.RF Group, provides a broad range of financial and nonfinancial support measures to exporters of Russian products. The REC Group includes the Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agency (Exiar) and the Eximbank of Russia.

Interfax Information Services Group has been developing information and analytics tools to analyze the business activities of companies, manage credit and tax risks and monitor the media environment for more than 30 years. Interfax solutions turn Big Data into knowledge and enable companies to leverage all the potential of Big Data to gain a competitive edge and efficiently manage their business in the digital economy.

The Group includes the Interfax News Agency, one of the best known and most cited Russian news agencies in the world.