24 Apr 2020 19:44

Rosatom gets memo from Bulgaria on moving deadlines for choosing investor for Belene NPP due to pandemic

MOSCOW. April 24 (Interfax) - Rosatom has received a memo from Bulgaria on it shifting the deadlines for selecting a strategic investor for the Belene Nuclear Power Plant due to the current pandemic, a representative of the Russian state nuclear corporation told reporters.

"Today, we received an official memo from the Bulgarian side that in connection with the coronavirus epidemic the timeframe for the selection procedure for a strategic investor for the Belene NPP project is being moved," the representative said.

"The specific deadlines will in large part depend on the possibility of participants to access the so-called data room in person to study the technical documentation of the project, based on which proposals to participants will be formed. Despite the delay, caused by objective reasons, we are expressing strong interest in the Belene NPP project and view it optimistically," the representative said.