22 Apr 2020 10:43

Russia sees 57 coronavirus deaths in past 24 hours, death toll rises to 513 - HQ

MOSCOW. April 22 (Interfax) - Russia saw 57 coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours; the death toll rose to 513, the coronavirus response headquarters said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Fifty-seven coronavirus deaths were confirmed over the past day, including 28 in Moscow," the statement said.

A total of 513 coronavirus patients have died in Russia by now.

Russia registered 547 coronavirus recoveries in the past 24 hours and the total number of 4,420 recovered coronavirus patients, the headquarters said.

"Some 547 patients were discharged from hospitals upon recovery, including 210 in Moscow, over the past day," the statement said.  

A total of 4,420 patients have been discharged by now.

More than 5,200 new Covid-19 cases were detected in Russia in the past 24 hours, the number of cumulative cases has reached 58,000.

"Over the past day, Russia saw 5,236 confirmed Covid-19 cases in 78 regions, including 2,275 (43.4%) active contacts and persons without clinical symptoms," the headquarters said.

Moscow reported 2,548 new coronavirus cases over the day, with the total number of cumulative cases standing at 31,981. There were 631 new cases in the Moscow region, and 294 in St. Petersburg.

"By now, Russia has had 57,999 cumulative coronavirus cases (+9.9%) in 85 regions," the headquarters said.