6 Apr 2020 13:21

Russian govt imposes restrictions on sale of medical masks, gloves

MOSCOW. April 6 (Interfax) - Only pharmaceutical companies will be allowed to sell masks, respirators and gloves and the price of these medical products cannot be increased by more than ten percent and more than ten kopecks per unit of goods at every stage of the sales, according to a government decree.

"Retail sale and purchase of goods by organizations that do not have a license for pharmaceutical activities as regards retail trade in medications for medical use and (or) sale of medications for medical use are prohibited fr om the day of entry into force of the present decree," according to the Russian government's decree, which was posted on its official website on Monday.

Besides, at every stage of "the wholesale product supply chain the wholesale margin on actual selling prices cannot exceed ten percent of the purchase price or the cost of goods, which includes the supplier's price, direct customs, transport and logistics costs."

The upper lim it for the retail markup on actual wholesale prices of goods cannot exceed ten kopecks per product unit.

The list of medical products subject to these restrictions includes filtering respirators, medical masks, gauze fabric, medical gloves, and sets of protective clothing for doctors.

The decree takes effect immediately.