1 Apr 2020 22:06

Russia to start clinical trials of anti-coronavirus vaccine on 60 volunteers on June 29 - Golikova

NOVO-OGARYOVO, Moscow region. April 1 (Interfax) - Russia will begin the first phase of clinical trials of a vaccine against the new coronavirus infection on June 29, 2020, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said.

"We presume that, as concerns some vaccine versions, a decision on the finished dosage form will be made and a series of vaccines will be obtained before May 10. Preclinical trials of the vaccine's specific activity will be conducted before June 22, after which the first phase of clinical trials will be started to assess the vaccine's safety and potency on a limited number of people, about 60 volunteers. We assume that such clinical trials will begin on June 29 this year," Golikova said at the president's videoconference with government members on Wednesday.

The vaccines are being developed by the state research center Vector, based on six various technological platforms, including widely used recombinant viral vectors and synthetic vaccines, Golikova said.

"We are making all possible efforts both to support our scientists and to manufacture the necessary vaccines as soon as the processes allow for this," she said.