30 Mar 2020 09:08

Two die of Covid-19 in Moscow hospital in past 24 hours - chief physician

MOSCOW. March 30 (Interfax) - Twenty-eight patients were admitted to Moscow Hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka, which specializes in treating Covid-19 patients, over the past day, eight patients were discharged, and two patients died, hospital chief physician Denis Protsenko said.

"There are two deaths," Protsenko said.

One of the deceased patients was 80 years old. He was suffering from cardiac deficiency and pneumonia and was connected to a lung ventilation system for four days.

The other deceased patient was 69 years ago. He had pneumonia and diabetes. The patent was connected to a lung ventilation system for three days, Protsenko said on Facebook.

A total of 348 patients are receiving treatment at the hospital, he said.

Some 193 of those patients have Covid-19 (there are 78 confirmed cases and 115 suspected), Protsenko said. "One hundred and seventy-five of them have pneumonia," he said.

Nineteen patients are in the intensive care unit, and five, including four with the confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis, are connected to lung ventilation systems, he said.

As of March 29, 1,014 people contracted Covid-19 in Moscow, six recovered, and six died.