18 Mar 2020 10:53

SPARK tops RAEX ranking of information and analytics systems for business

MOSCOW. March 18 (Interfax) - SPARK-Interfax topped the RAEX Rating Agency's (RAEX Analytics) ranking of information and analytics systems for verification of counterparties by a substantial margin.

All of the 21 systems in the ranking were rated on 18 criteria, including completeness of data, level of service, recognition and cost of services, RAEX said.

The assessment took into account various scenarios for using these systems, "from the most popular cases of due diligence to narrowly specialized tasks of macroeconomic analysis," RAEX executive director Yevgeny Maltsev was quoted as saying in the press release.

The assessment also sought input from experts, whose take on the information and analytics systems (IAS) took into account the needs of three main groups of users: business analysts, financiers and journalists.

For business analysts, the most important indicator of the quality of an IAS was the ability to integrate the system into the internal processes of a company using API. The highest marks for this criterion were given to SPARK-Interfax, SBIS, BIR-Analitik and Seldon Basis.

For financial sector specialists, the most important criteria, according to data obtained by RAEX, are the convenience of quickly exporting information, and the completeness and relevance of data needed to assess the reliability of counterparties. SPARK, Globas, SBIS and Kontur Focus led in this group of users.

Business journalists cared about the simplicity of using the IAS, as well as its ability to identify connections between companies and their beneficiaries. They gave the highest marks to SPARK, Kontur Focus, Casebook and Globas.

The undisputed leader of the rating was SPARK, with more than 85 points, RAEX said. This was far ahead of the second highest ranking IAS, Globas with 59 points. The top five systems in the ranking also included BIR-Analitik with 58.9 points, SBIS with 53.9 and Kontur Focus with 53.8.

The top five IAS by completeness of data were SPARK, Globas, Delta Bezopasnost, BIR-Analitik and Seldon Basis; the top five by level of service were SPARK, Delta Bezopasnost, BIR-Analitik, Kontur Focus and Globas; the top five by recognition were SPARK, SBIS, Seldon Basis, ZaChestnyBiznes and Action Proverka Kontragentov; and the top five by cost of services were ZaChestnyBiznes, SBIS, Kommersant Kartoteka, TASS Business and Action Proverka Kontragentov.

Information and analytics systems are used by businesses to assess tax and credit risks, verify counterparties and do investment analysis. This market is worth about 5 billion rubles by RAEX estimates.