15 Jun 2009 19:49

Ruble loses ground vs. dollar on MICEX as oil prices, stock markets fall

MOSCOW. June 15 (Interfax) - The ruble saw considerable losses against the U.S. dollar in trading on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) on Monday as a result of falling oil prices as well as the unstable situation on foreign stock markets, although the Russian currency did see some gains against the euro.

The dollar's market exchange rate rose by 20.75 kopecks to 31.1875 rubles/$1 on the MICEX on Monday, while the euro fell 5.75 kopecks to 43.27 rubles/EUR1.

The Central Bank's dual-currency basket rose to 36.75 rubles early in the day before correcting down in the evening. The basket nevertheless remained 8 kopecks higher than the 36.62 rubles at which it closed on June 11.

On the international Forex market, the euro slipped below $1.382 on Monday.

The dollar's average weighted exchange rate on the MICEX grew by 30.72 kopecks to 31.2175 rubles/$1 in Today deals on Monday and by 28.44 kopecks to 31.2235 rubles/$1 in Tomorrow deals. Combined dollar trading on the MICEX on Monday amounted to $3.259 billion, of which $809.09 million were Today deals and $2.45 billion were Tomorrow deals.

The euro's average exchange rate in unified trading on Monday fell by 2.79 kopecks to 43.3021 rubles/EUR1 in Today deals and by 1.73 kopecks to 43.3295 rubles/EUR1 in Tomorrow deals. Combined euro trading amounted to 121.287 million euros on Monday, of which 52.249 million euros were Today deals and 69.038 million euros were Tomorrow deals.

Rates on the interbank loan market increased on Monday. The Moscow Interbank Actual Credit Rate for the current day (MIACR) rose 64 basis points to 7.20%.