25 Jun 2009 13:55

Court finds Berezovsky guilty of embezzling 140 mln rubles for LogoVAZ, AvtoVAZ

MOSCOW. June 25 (Interfax) - The Krasnogorsk City Court has found businessman Boris Berezovsky guilty of embezzlement in his second trial in absentia.

Berezovsky was accused of embezzling 140 million rubles from LogoVAZ and AvtoVAZ.

"The court sentence says that the embezzlement of money by Berezovsky and [Yuly] Dubov was proven," one of the participants in the proceedings told Interfax on Thursday.

The judge is still reading the sentence and is expected to say what punishment the defendants will be subjected to on Friday, June 26.

This is the second criminal case against Berezovsky being heard in absentia, as the businessman is currently outside Russia.

Berezovsky, who was granted refugee status at the Untied Kingdom in 2003, is currently staying in London. The Russian Prosecutor General's Office has been seeking his extradition since 2002.

The first sentence handed down on Berezovsky in absentia took legal effect in February 2009. Moscow's Savyolovsky Court sentenced him to six years in prison for embezzling nearly 215 million rubles from Aeroflot.

The duration of the sentence will be counted starting on the day of his actual detention.

Berezovsky is being indicted under several criminal cases. The businessman earlier said himself that he would not recognize the sentence and described the proceedings as "a political farce."

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