17 Jul 2009 10:19

Jiangsu Cable receives ICP, ISP licenses

Shanghai. July 17. INTERFAX-CHINA - The Jiangsu Communication Administration has granted Jiangsu Broadcasting Television Network Corp. Ltd. (Jiangsu Cable) Internet content provider (ICP) and Internet service provider (ISP) licenses, an official with the local telecom authority told Interfax on July 17.

"Jiangsu Cable previously cooperated with Shanghai Media Group (SMG) to provide broadband Internet access and services to Jiangsu residents. The ICP and ISP licenses will enable Jiangsu Cable to provide such services on its own," an official with the administration, surnamed Shu, told Interfax.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology previously prohibited broadcasters from operating broadband Internet services. However, more local divisions of the MIIT are beginning to grant ICP and ISP licenses to broadcasters to support an initiative by the central government in 2008 to integrate telcom, broadcasting and Internet networks.

With the licenses, Jiangsu Cable has the option to either rent telecom networks to provide broadband Internet access and services to subscribers, or use its own broadcasting network to do so. Such services may include information publication and other value-added services, according to Shu. According to an official surnamed He with Jiangsu Cable's data department, Jiangsu Cable will not provide Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services to its subscribers.

Meanwhile, telecom authorities in Chongqing Municipality and Shaanxi Province have already granted ICP and ISP licenses to local broadcasters. However, broadcasters in those regions have yet to see any favorable results from obtaining these licenses, according to Shu.

Founded in July 2008, Jiangsu Cable is the primary cable TV network operator in Jiangsu. The company has 10.66 million cable TV subscribers, the largest cable TV subscriber base in China.