17 Jul 2009 11:35

Tchigirinski, group of execs called in for questioning

MOSCOW. July 17 (Interfax) - Russian businessman Chalva Tchigirinski and a group of highly placed officials at two Moscow oil companies have been sent a summons for questioning from investigators, law enforcement sources told Interfax on Friday.

The summons stems from two criminal cases opened by the Moscow police's main investigative department into large-scale tax evasion (over 600 million rubles) at Moscow Oil and Gas Company (MOGC) and Moscow Oil Company (MOC).

"The summons was delivered to the head of the housing complex where Tchigirinski has his home address, and also to the sister of MOGC board member Alexander Polotsky and the father of another board member, Oleg Ivanchenko," one source said.

"If they ignore the summons, a warrant for their arrest will be issued," he said.

Another source said: "Tchigirinski was called in for questioning but has not appeared yet."

"The deadline on the first summons has already expired. A repeat summons will be sent soon to his place of legal residence," the source said.

If the repeat summons is ignored one more might be sent, after which there will be a decision on "forcibly bringing in the witness for questioning."

"According to some reports, Tchigirinski is not currently in Russia. In that case, if upon his return to Russia he does not voluntarily present himself, the procedure for forcibly bringing him in might be applied and later a warrant for his arrest issued," the source said.

The source said approximately 20 people and their representatives would be called in for questioning in the case.