22 Jul 2009 17:28

Russia's Avtovaz decides to shut down assembly line for month

MOSCOW. July 22 (Interfax) - Members of the management board at Russian carmaker Avtovaz approved a proposal on Wednesday to shut down the plant's assembly line for a month in August, Avtovaz spokesman Alexander Shmygov told Interfax citing vice president Igor Komarov.

The assembly line will shut down in August, Komarov said. "The assembly line will not be operating for a month, that is, all the working days in August," he said.

Plant workers will be paid two-thirds of their salary under Russian legislation during the period, Shmygov said.

"In September, the plant will return to working under the previous schedule of a non-full work week," Komarov said. Avtovaz has repaid all of its past-due loans for 2008 to suppliers and is also "repaying promissory notes on schedule," he said.