24 Jul 2009 13:37

Surgutneftegas only company to fulfill Transneft's oil export schedule in Q2

MOSCOW. July 24 (Interfax) - The schedule for oil exports transported along the Transneft pipeline system was fulfilled by 97% in the second quarter of 2009 with 49.853 million tonnes of oil transported instead of the planned 51.346 million tonnes, the Fuel and Energy Dispatch Center said.

Surgutneftegas was the only company to transport 100% of the planned volume, exporting 7.176 million tonnes in the quarter.

Rosneft exported 9.373 million tonnes in the period (97.63% of the schedule). Taking into account shipments via Transneft's rail system (2.414 million tonnes) and shipments along the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) (587,000 tonnes), Rosneft shipped a total of 13.073 million tonnes abroad along the Transneft system and bypassing it in the period.

Lukoil shipped 6.722 million tonnes (97.58%) and a total of 9.025 million tonnes factoring in the aforementioned routes, while TNK-BP shipped 9.095 million tonnes (99.95%) and 9.947 million tonnes, respectively.

Tatneft exported 3.563 million tonnes of oil in the quarter (99.85%), Bashneft - 465,100 tonnes (99.57%), RussNeft - 1.09 million tonnes (99.95%), Gazprom - 153,500 tonnes (91.37%) and a total of 175,400 tonnes.

Gazprom Neft fulfilled only 82.17% of its oil export schedule in the period, exporting 3.419 million tonnes. Operators of product-sharing agreements (PSA) shipped 236,000 tonnes via the Transneft system (67.43%), but exported 3.559 million tonnes taking into account transportation bypassing the system. Other companies shipped 2.224 million tonnes of oil abroad via Transneft (92.67%) in the period.

A total of 5.294 million tonnes of oil were transited via Kazakhstan (including the CPC) along the Transneft system in the second quarter of 2009 (99.49% of the schedule). Taking into account volumes bypassing Transneft's system, 12.133 million tonnes of oil were transited via Kazakhstan, 618,000 tonnes via Azerbaijan (99.52%) and 424,900 tonnes via Belarus (97.69%).

Total oil supplies via and bypassing the Transneft system and factoring in transited oil amounted to 67.371 million tonnes in the second quarter of 2009.

Under the oil export schedule for the third quarter of 2009, Rosneft could export 1.23 million tonnes of oil to non-CIS countries along the Transneft system and 2.659 million tonnes to the CIS. Lukoil could export 7.887 million tonnes and 1.868 million tonnes, respectively, Surgutneftegas - 6.056 million tonnes and 1.434 million tonnes, Slavneft - 1.843 million tonnes and 436,000 tonnes, TNK-BP - 6.124 million tonnes and 1.45 million tonnes, Tatneft - 2.905 million tonnes and 688,000 tonnes, Bashneft - 972,000 tonnes and 230,000 tonnes, Gazprom Neft - 2.827 million tonnes and 669,000 tonnes, RussNeft - 1.111 million tonnes and 263,000 tonnes, Gazprom - 111,000 tonnes and 26,000 tonnes, PSA operators - 309,000 tonnes and other oil companies - 2.223 million tonnes and 526,000 tonnes. A total of 43.597 million tonnes of oil could be exported to the non-CIS in the third quarter and 10.25 million tonnes to the CIS.