27 Jul 2009 10:29

Siano launches second CMMB chip

Beijing. July 27. INTERFAX-CHINA - Siano Mobile Silicon, an international mobile television chip maker, announced on July 24 the launch of the SMS1186, its second CMMB (China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) receiver chip, which will replace its predecessor.

According to Siano, the SMS1186 is designed specifically for use in mobile phones, small data cards, netbooks, notebooks and other portable devices, and is equipped with a number of new functions including security mechanisms, real-time de-scrambling and conditional access functions. The new chips are also in compliance with new China Mobile data security requirements.

Several leading handset manufacturers in China have already endorsed the SMS1186, according to the Siano announcement.

Alon Ironi, Siano's chief executive officer, said in the announcement that the added capabilities of the chip will highlight new CMMB services and products on the market, while accelerating the nationwide rollout of CMMB technology.

Siano is a leading provider of integrated silicon receivers and antenna chips for the mobile digital television market. The company's first CMMB chip, the SMS1180, was launched in 2008 prior to the Beijing Olympic Games.