30 Jul 2009 09:31

China Telecom launches mobile search service

Beijing. July 30. INTERFAX-CHINA - China Telecom has launched its mobile search service, which provides mobile phone and personal handy-phone system (PHS) users access to a local information database, it announced on July 30.

The mobile search service provides an information retrieval system on which users may browse categories like restaurants, entertainment, recreation, sports, lifestyle, weather, stocks, airline and train schedules, company information and more. China Telecom partnered with mInfo Information Technology Co. Ltd. to oversee advertising on the search service.

The service, which can be accessed via a built-in service menu on the handset, utilizes removable user identity module (R-UIM) cards developed for CDMA handsets and PHS and over-the-air (OTA) technology, according to the announcement.

All Chinese mobile phones will be able to access the mobile search service by 2010, according to the announcement.