30 Jul 2009 18:43

Ruble posts slight gains on MICEX following morning losses

MOSCOW. July 30 (Interfax) - The U.S. dollar only posted very small growth on the MICEX on Thursday while the euro slid as oil prices started to recover in the second half of the day. The ruble, which slipped against the bi-currency basket, was able to recovery its losses and post growth.

The dollar edged up only one kopecks to close at 31.5 rubles/$1 while the euro went down by 11 kopecks to 44.3 rubles/EUR1/

The bi-currency basket dropped by four kopecks to 37.26 rubles for the day.

The dollar's average weighted exchange rate on the MICEX went up 34.95 kopecks to 31.7303 rubles/$1 in Today deals on Thursday and by 32.36 kopecks to 31.7108 rubles/$1 in Tomorrow deals. Combined dollar trading on the MICEX amounted to $5.618 billion, of which $1.114 billion were Today deals and $4.504 billion were Tomorrow deals.

The euro's average exchange rate increased by 24.63 kopecks to 44.697 rubles in Today deals and by 20.12 kopecks to 44.5837 rubles/EUR1 in Tomorrow deals. Total euro trading came to 218.1 million euro, of which 78.1 million euro were Today deals and 140 million euro were Tomorrow deals.

The overnight MIACR came to 6.89%, down 55 basis points for the day.