12 Aug 2009 13:49

Duma committee to consider removing Aksakov from Banking Council

MOSCOW. Aug 12 (Interfax) - The State Duma's Financial Markets Committee will take up the issue of removing Deputy Anatoly Aksakov from the National Banking Council (NBC) over a blog posting in which Aksakov proposed a steep devaluation of the ruble, committee chairman Vladislav Reznik told journalists.

Aksakov, who heads the Association of Russian Regional Banks, said in an August 6 video clip that a 30%-40% devaluation of the ruble would help industry.

But the ruling United Russia party said the proposal was "anti-people."

The committee received the instruction to take up the issue on Wednesday.

"The instruction from the chairman of the supreme council of the United Russia party, State Duma speaker Boris Gryzlov, has been received and will be carried out. The committee is preparing a draft resolution on changing the makeup of the NBC, which will be examined at the committee's first meeting during the fall session," Reznik said.

Under Duma rules, the committee prepares a draft resolution concerning a change in personnel on the NBC, which then goes to a vote in the Duma. The Duma delegation on the NBC consists of Reznik, Aksakov and Pavel Medvedev.