13 Aug 2009 13:49

Mass installation of China's Green Dam Internet filter not mandatory

Shanghai. August 13. INTERFAX-CHINA - The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will not require mandatory installation of Green Dam Internet filtering software on all personal computers sold in China, a senior MIIT official said on Aug. 13.

"We will respect Chinese consumers and allow them the freedom to choose whether or not to install Green Dam on their personal hardware. However, installation of the software will be mandatory on computers used in public spaces such as schools and Internet cafes," Li Yizhong, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said during an Aug. 13 press conference held in Beijing.

A Green Dam software installation disc will be provided for every computer purchased, but the actual installation of the software is completely optional, according to Li.

Green Dam is a content control filtering software developed by Zhengzhou Jinhui Computer System Engineering Ltd. and Beijing Dazheng Human Language Technology Academy Ltd. under a MIIT directive, which aimed to protect children from pornography.

The MIIT previously announced its intention to mandate the pre-installation of Green Dam software on all computers sold in China, but had delayed the announcement due to widespread public and international opposition.