26 Aug 2009 15:45

TNK-BP to continue development of Tyamkinskoye field in Uvat in 2010

TYUMEN. Aug 26 (Interfax) - In 2010, TNK-BP plans to continue its intensive development of the Tyamkinskoye field in the framework of the Uvat project, the company's regional PR department told Interfax.

The company said that the field site would be prepared for drilling during the winter period. Drilling equipment will be transferred from a neighboring section.

"The development of the Tyamkinskoye field was suspended so that, during the crisis, all efforts could be put towards bringing the Urnen and Ust-Tegusskoye fields online. Now the situation is becoming more favorable, therefore there are plans to implement exploration drilling at Tyamkinskoye field," the company said.

TNK-BP owns 15 licensed sections in the south of Tyumen Region, which are united in the Uvat project. The project covers an area of 26,600 square kilometers. The Urnen and Ust-Tegusskoye fields there were brought online on February 16, 2009.