27 Aug 2009 17:20

Samaraneftegaz wins auction for three hydrocarbon properties in Samara region

SAMARA. Aug 27 (Interfax) - Samaraneftegaz, which is part of Rosneft , won an auction for the right to use three hydrocarbon properties - Baikalsky, Rudnikovsky and Mnogopolsky - in the Samara region, the regional subsurface management agency said on its website.

An auction was also held for the Padovsky property, which was bought by Metokom LLC.

Samaraneftegaz offered 110 million rubles for the rights to the Baikalsky property following a starting price of 25 million rubles, 151.3 million rubles for the Rudnikovsky property (starting price of 17 million rubles) and 41.8 million rubles for the Mnogopolsky property (38 million rubles).

Metokom offered 268.4 million rubles for the Padovsky property following a starting price of 22 million rubles.

Rosneft also took part in the auction for all four properties.

Samaraneftegaz produces oil and gas in addition to equipping fields in the Samara region. Rosneft bought Samaraneftegaz along with other Samara-based assets that previously belonged to Yukos .