8 Sep 2009 16:33

Duma committee recommends replacing Aksakov with Pleskachevsky on Banking Council

MOSCOW. Sept 8 (Interfax) - The State Duma's Financial markets Committee Tuesday recommended that Anatoly Aksakov, a Duma deputy, be removed from the National banking Council (NBC) and be replaced by Viktor Pleskachevsky, chairman of the State Duma's Ownership Committee.

Duma speaker Boris Gryzlov asked the Financial Markets Committee back on August 12 to look at changes to the NBC and removing Aksakov after the latter suggested the ruble ought to be devalued another 30%-40% in order to give industry a lift. The United Russia faction described the proposal as "anti-popular."

Aksakov represents the Fair Russia faction in the Duma. Pleskachevsky represents United Russia. All the Duma members on the NBC will be from United Russia if Pleskachevsky replaces Aksakov.