14 Sep 2009 11:10


MOSCOW. Sept 14 (Interfax) - Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller believes that oil prices may once again rise above $100 per barrel due to speculation in futures contracts, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Speaking at the Valdai Club, Miller said he was expressing his personal opinion and that Gazprom uses the government's oil price forecasts in its planning.

Miller called for changes in the market to reduce price volatility, because stable prices are critical for energy companies that must plan their investment years in advance.

Rosneft chief Sergei Bogdanchikov said at the discussion his company is using a forecast of $55-$60 per barrel in 2010.

Miller said he does not expect any problems with Ukraine's payment for gas imports up until December and that Kyiv is meeting its commitments to Gazprom.

However, it is more difficult to make forecasts concerning 2010, since the price is discussed at the beginning of each year, he said.