14 Sep 2009 14:12

Allianz to build medical clinics in Russia

MOSCOW. Sept 14 (Interfax) - Germany's Allianz, the main shareholder in Russian insurer ROSNO, will implement a 55-million euro project to set up medical clinics in Russia, Hannes Chopra, head of Allianz Eurasia and CEO of ROSNO, told journalists on Monday.

Two-thirds of the project's cost will be financed by shareholders and the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank's investment arm, he said. It has yet to be determined what proportion each side will hold in the project.

The project will initially be implemented in the Moscow, Northwestern and Volga regions, where ROSNO's business has been seeing the most active development.

The clinics will accept clients of Allianz Eurasia and ROSNO in addition to those of other insurance companies and private clients.

Three types of clinics will be built in the project. The first category will include multi-profile clinics with total area of 2,000-2,500 square meters that include laboratories and in-patient services. Five of these clinics will be built in the three biggest cities where the project is being carried out.

The second type will have space of 500-1,000 square meters and no laboratories. Twelve to fourteen of these clinics will be set up. The third type will consist of smaller clinics with total area of 100-500 square meters.