15 Sep 2009 14:36

MIIT establishes working group to draft national standard for Internet of Things network

Beijing. September 15. INTERFAX-CHINA - The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's (MIIT) National IT Standardization Technical Committee has established a working group of sensor network experts to create a draft national standard for the Internet of Things network, according to a Sept. 14 MIIT announcement.

The working group consists of experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China Mobile Communications Co. Ltd. (China Mobile) and other main researchers and developers of sensor networks.

At present, several initial framework standards for sensor networks have been developed and submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Chinese telecom operators have already applied wireless sensor networks to the transportation, security and power industries, among others, the announcement said.

MIIT hopes to lead in international development of the Internet of Things network technology, Xi Guohua, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said in the announcement.

The MIIT said in late August that it will implement favorable policies to aid development of the Internet of Things and related sensor networks.

The Internet of Things refers to a network of objects that are linked through the installation of sensory devices. Through such a network, virtually any object, from vehicles to appliances to animals, can be identified and managed by humans remotely through radio tags, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips and two-dimensional bar codes linking to an Internet or telecommunication network.