16 Sep 2009 10:37

HUYA teams up with innovative drug research partner in China

Shanghai. September 16. INTERFAX-CHINA - HUYA Bioscience International announced on Sept. 15 that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH), a branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

According to the announcement, HUYA will have the exclusive right to be the first to review and negotiate the licensing and development of innovative compounds owned by GIBH.

"HUYA's responsibility is to research and develop innovative compounds in the pre-clinical research stage and the first phase of clinical research, and then continue research on the patented compounds in the United States or Europe to further develop them into drugs. The innovative drugs produced will then be sold to overseas markets," a company employee, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Interfax.

Over the past four years, HUYA has cooperated with many Chinese academic and commercial biopharmaceutical organizations such as Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and the Beijing Institute of Natural Medicine.

GIBH is an innovative and competitive research and development organization specializing in stem cell biology, cancer cell biology, pharmacological and pathological genomics, and vaccine and antibody research.