17 Sep 2009 14:46

Qihoo launches first cloud security product in China

Beijing. September 17. INTERFAX-CHINA - Qihoo 360 Technologies Co. Ltd. launched China's first cloud security product with version six of its Internet security product, 360 Safe, on Sept. 15.

The 360 Safe v6.0 is the first "real" cloud security product in China, which features the new "360 Cloud Virus-Scan Engine," according to Zhou Hongyi, Qihoo's president. "Cloud computing technology makes our product nearly 10 times faster than other anti-virus software," Zhou said.

"Currently, trojans, not viruses, pose the main threat against maintaining Internet security, but traditional anti-virus software companies don't stand a chance against trojans. With cloud computing, we are showing them a new way to tackle the problem," Zhou said.

Zhou explained that anti-virus software has not been updated to handle the evolving threat of trojans.

"There are tens of thousands of trojans created everyday, making it virtually impossible for traditional anti-virus software to keep up. Due to 360 Safe's large user base, it is able to inspect new viruses and trojans and update itself in nearly real time," Zhou said.

"We currently offer the product as a free service, and intend to continue providing it for free, as we believe that Internet security is a basic need for all Internet users," Zhou continued.

Qihoo was established in September 2005, and its core business is providing Internet security solutions. Qihoo's 360 Safe has approximately 240 million users and a 70 percent market share in China's Internet security industry.