18 Sep 2009 13:33

Chubais prepared for Rusnano privatization after 2015

MOSCOW. Sept 18 (Interfax) - Anatoly Chubais, chairman of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (Rusnano), says the corporation could be prepared for privatization after 2015, although he said his main goal now is to make sure the nanotechnologies industry can function without government funds by this time.

"We intend to repay our debt by 2015 and receive an appraisal of the government's stake [investment in Rusnano projects] that will exceed the volume the state invested," Chubais said at a press conference on Friday.

This will create preconditions "for the revolving character of Rusnano's functioning in the indefinite future. In this regard, the government could take back the 130 billion rubles [allocated from the budget to set up Rusnano] after 2015 if it wants and it will be privatization. I apologize for the dirty word."

Privatization, however, is not the ultimate goal, he said. "I believe that budget funds should be provided to pensioners, servicemen and the police, but in this case they're being used for business. Sure, I'm prepared to accept this, but as a starter not as a principle," he said.

"I want to make it so that no government money will be needed after 2015," he said.

"The goal is not to privatize Rusnano, I swear," he said.

Rusnano will continue to analyze legislation with the aim of developing nanotechnologies, he said. This work is not proceeding as quickly as planned, but "the first projects are already ripening," he said. In particular, Rusnano is preparing proposals on legislative amendments on state procurements that would alter the procedure used for purchasing high-technology products.

A discussion of these proposals will be held with agencies in the coming months, he said.