22 Sep 2009 13:06

Gazprom starts producing over 1.2 bcm of gas a day

MOSCOW. Sept 22 9Interfax) - Gazprom's production of natural gas at the end of last week was again increased to over 1.2 billion cubic meters a day, the Fuel and Energy Dispatch Center reported.

Since the first third of September, production has moved upwards. On September 8, daily output came to 1.1806 bcm. On September 10, it increased to 1.1927 bcm.

The new production level for September 17 came 1.2008 bcm, later jumping by 2 million cubic meters on September 18. On September 19, production increased to 1.233 bcm. On September 20, it increased to 1.2408 bcm.

This figure was below average daily output in September 2008 by around 13%.

Gazprom reduced daily output below 1.2 bcm at the end of March.

The company increased output above 1.1 bcm at the end of August. The annual minimum output was posted on July 20 at 893.5 mcm.

Rosneft increased gas output at the end of last week by 23% to 36.3 mcm (September 20). This was possible owing to an increase in output on the part of Purneftegaz from 7.8 mcm a day to 10.7 mcm. Tomskneft increase output from 0.9 mcm to 4.5 mcm a day as well.

TNK-BP's gas output per day shrank by 31-32 mcm to 26.5 mcm as of September 20. This happened owing to an almost decrease on 30% of gas production at Orenburgneft following planned repairs at the Zaikinsky gas processing facility.