28 Sep 2009 18:00

Abkhazia gets Russian fixed, mobile telephone codes

MOSCOW. Sept 28 (Interfax) - Russia and Abkhazia have signed a memorandum, under which Russia will assign fixed and mobile telephone codes to Abkhazia, and the codes can be put into operation starting next week, said Kristian Bzhania, the head of Abkhazia's presidential department for government information and mass communications.

"Change in the telephone codes is an important aspect of the memorandum on cooperation in communications between Russia and Abkhazia, signed in Moscow today. Two codes will be introduced - 840 for fixed telephone numbers and 940 for mobile phones. Abkhazia will be in the 7th zone, under the Russian international code, which is very important," Bzhania, who signed the memorandum on Abkhazia's side, told Interfax on Monday.

The memorandum was also signed by Russian Deputy Communications Minister Naum Marder.