5 Oct 2009 11:24

Kamaz restarts assembly line

KAZAN. Oct 5 (Interfax) - Russia truck maker Kamaz restarted its main assembly line and auxiliary production and administrative divisions on Monday, the company said.

Kamaz will operate on a four-day work week until the end of the month. A portion of personnel at the divisions engaged in assembly and shipment of production and manufacture of vehicle assemblies will operate on a five-day week in the final third of the month.

The production plan for October is still being finalized, but Kamaz expects to produce more than 2,000 vehicles this month, a company spokesman told Interfax.

Kamaz idled the main assembly line on September 28. Sales and shipping divisions worked until the end of September. Divisions engaged in preparing for production operations in October worked throughout the shutdown.

It was the eighth shutdown this year at Kamaz, which is only producing the vehicles needed to fill existing orders.

Kamaz is the lead company in the truck making group. It sold 47,500 vehicles in 2008 and plans to sell about 28,000 this year.