6 Oct 2009 13:53

Russian business still resource-oriented

MOSCOW. Oct 6 (Interfax) - Russian business structures remain resource-oriented, despite the lessons learned from the financial and economic crisis, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said at the opening ceremony of the international forum on nanotechnologies in Moscow.

Medvedev said the years that preceded the economic crisis created "relative economic comfort" for Russia. At the same time, post-crisis economy "should be based on knowledge and innovation technologies, not on Russia's resource potential, no matter how limitless they may be."

"Nothing has changed in this area yet, and, despite the fact that the crisis has hit everyone hard, no one wants to change. It's a sad conclusion, and I have to make it. Our business is not changing yet, and the state is not changing the way we would like it to," Medvedev said.

Medvedev pointed out the importance of active support for investment and nanotechnologies from the state and private businesses. "In my view, this support is still somewhat chaotic," he said.

"Even though the role of the state is obvious, decisions have been made, and a corporation has been created, but we have still not been able to get the essence of this work," he said. "We are working, working hard, but this work still needs to be improved," the president said.

Medvedev criticized private business investments in nanotechnologies. "It's a separate issue. I believe businesses' behavior in this sphere is extremely interesting. I don't mean state-run business and support from the state structures, I mean private business. It probably just lacks financing, and large businesses likely just don't take an interest in this sphere," Medvedev said.

Medvedev said the purpose of the state is to attract large-medium-sized, and small businesses and stimulate them to invest in nanotechnologies.