6 Oct 2009 17:23

Inflation in Moldova at 0.6% in Sept after 3 mths of deflation

CHISINAU. Oct 6 (Interfax) - Moldova had 0.6% inflation in September after three months of decreasing prices, the National Bureau of Statistics told Interfax.

Since the start of 2009, prices have increased by 2.9%.

According to the bureau's statistics, foodstuffs increased in price by 1.2% although the harvest season is still in high gear owing to an August draught. As a result, prices for fresh vegetables increased in price by 6.5%.

Non-foodstuffs increased in price by 0.6%, including medications - 1.9%, petroleum products and liquefied gas - 4.2%.

The cost of services in September dropped by 0.3% on average largely owing to housing and communal services, which decreased in price by 1.1%.

In 2008, inflation in Moldova came to 7.3%, including 6.7% in January-September. Inflation is planned at 8.6% for 2009.