6 Oct 2009 18:47

Russia maintains coal exports in Jan-Aug at same level as 2008, imports down 33%

MOSCOW. Oct 6 (Interfax) - In January-August 2009, Russia maintained total coal exports at the same level as during the first eight months of 2008, around 66.7 million tonnes, while imports fell by a third to 14.03 million tonnes, the Federal Customs Service (FCS) said.

In monetary terms, exports increased by 2.1% to $4.91 billion while imports halved to $261 million.

Exports of coal to non-CIS countries in the eight months increased by 21% to 62 million tonnes. In monetary terms, exports to non-CIS countries went up by 27% while exports to CIS nations more than halved (to $4.56 billion and $347 million, respectively).

Imports of coal from non-CIS countries and CIS countries shrank by 93% and 31%, respectively to 40,500 tonnes and 14 million tonnes. In monetary terms imports from non-CIS countries shrank by 87.5% to $13.8 million and from CIS countries, by 45% to $247 million.