7 Oct 2009 11:44

Fewer cos formed in Russia in 2009; fewer liquidations, bankruptcies

MOSCOW. Oct 7 (Interfax) - A total of 169,500 new companies were formed in Russia in January-September 2009, or an average of 56,500 per quarter, down sharply from the quarterly average in 2008, according to data on state registration of corporate entities published on the Federal Tax Service's web site.

New company registrations totaled 47,400 in the first quarter, 68,200 in the second and 53,900 in the third.

A total of 396,100 new companies were registered in 2008, or 99,000 per quarter.

A total of 24,700 companies were liquidated in the first nine months of 2009, including 7,000 in the first quarter, 10,500 in the second and 7,200 in the third, or an average of about 8,200 companies per quarter, 23% less than the quarterly average of 10,600 liquidations in 2008.

The liquidations in 2009 include 6,800 bankruptcies (2,400 in the first quarter, 2,500 in the second, 1,900 in the third) or an average of 2,300 per quarter, compared with 3,300 bankruptcies per quarter in 2008.

Bankruptcies have accounted for 28% of liquidations in 2009 so far, compared with 31% for full-year 2008.