12 Oct 2009 18:56

Dollar and euro drop in MICEX trading, ruble continues to gain

MOSCOW. Oct 12 (Interfax) - The U.S. dollar and euro continued to drop on Monday hitting new lows owing to ongoing demand for ruble-based assets on the part of investors and continuing gains on oil prices. The ruble increased somewhat against the bi-currency basket.

The dollar dropped in Today trading by 8.5 kopecks to 29.52 rubles/$1 while the euro closed Monday at 43.6 rubles/EUR1, down 5.49 kopecks.

The bi-currency basket dropped by seven kopecks to close at 35.86 rubles.

The dollar's average weighted exchange rate on the MICEX went down by 4.33 kopecks to 29.5592 rubles/$1 in Tomorrow deals on Monday. Total dollar trading on the MICEX amounted to $2.169 billion. No Today deals took place owing to the holiday in the U.S.

The euro's average exchange rate decreased by 7.64 kopecks to 43.5125/EUR1 rubles in Today deals and 6.68 kopecks to 43.5522 rubles/EUR1 in Tomorrow deals. Total euro trading came to 185.3 million euro, of which 55.8 million euro were Today deals and 129.5 million euro were Tomorrow deals.

The overnight MIACR came to 5.52%, down 46 basis points for the day.