13 Oct 2009 13:29

Fuxin's annual CBM output tops 80 mln cubic meters

Shanghai. October 13. INTERFAX-CHINA - Fuxin City's annual coalbed methane (CBM) output has exceeded 80 million cubic meters, following an eight-year program to expand production, according to local government statistics released on Oct. 12.

Fuxin, which is located in Liaoning Province, has been exploiting CBM since 2001, when the city exhausted its coal resources. To date, the city has discovered proven CMB reserves of 22 billion cubic meters, according to Fuxin government statistics.

"Currently, there are eleven wells in operation in Fuxin that produce enough CBM to meet the fuel demand of more than 80,000 residents and almost 1,000 taxis in the city," a representative surnamed Zhang from Fuxin CBM Development Co. Ltd. told Interfax.

Meanwhile, some power generators in Fuxin are using CMB to generate 176 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity a year, Zhang said.

"In the next step, the Fuxin government plans to dig a few new CMB wells to further increase the city's CMB production capacity over the next few years. The additional CMB will supply Fuxin's industrial firms," Zhang said.