16 Oct 2009 18:20

Platform B0 project will require 240 mln euro from Avtovaz, Renault-Nissan

SAMARA. Oct 16 (Interfax) - Implementation of the Platform B0 project will require investment from Avtovaz and Renault-Nissan totaling about 240 million euro, Avtovaz Vice President Grigory Khvorostyanov told journalists.

"Investment by the partners will total 240 million euro until 2012 and the moment production is launched," he said, adding that five models will be launched that year: one Nissan, two Renault and two Lada models. The Japanese and French partners will divide up their total investment based on that plan.

Nissan will provide one-fourth of the total, Avtovaz - one-fourth and Renault - one-half, he said. Avtovaz projects that it will produce 860,000 cars by 2014, 210,000 on the B0 platform.

The B0 platform is universal for both Renault and Nissan, and will be used in various Class B models. Avtovaz plans to build to modifications of the RF-90 similar to the Renault Logan Van