16 Oct 2009 18:58

Dollar declines slightly against ruble on Fri; euro gains

MOSCOW. Oct 16 (Interfax) - The U.S. dollar declined slightly on the MICEX currency exchange on Friday, while the euro gained.

The dollar closed in Tom trades at 29.43 rubles/$1, down 0.78 kopecks for the day and the euro closed at 43.81 rubles/EUR1, up 6.5 kopecks.

The bi-currency basket gained 2 kopecks to close at 35.9 rubles.

The dollar's weighted-average exchange rate on the MICEX declined 0.78 kopecks to 29.3163 rubles/$1 in Today deals on Friday and by 0.95 kopecks to 29.3352 rubles in Tom deals. Volume on MICEX totaled $4.317 billion with $1.051 billion in Today deals and $3.267 billion in Tom deals.

The euro declined 10.69 kopecks to 43.729 rubles/EUR1 in Today deals and 6.17 kopecks to 43.7281 rubles/EUR1 in Tom deals. Volume totaled 226.8 million euro, of which 62.6 million euro were Today deals and 164.2 million euro were Tom deals.

The overnight MIACR was at 5.45%, down 56 basis points on the day.