19 Oct 2009 12:21

Guodian building $1.3 bln renewable energy complex in Yixing City

Shanghai. October 19. INTERFAX-CHINA - China Guodian Corp. has started construction of a renewable energy manufacturing complex in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, the city government said on Oct. 19.

The complex will consist of a RMB 8 billion ($1.17 billion) solar energy equipment assembly plant and a RMB 1 billion ($146.41 million) wind power equipment assembly plant.

Construction of the solar equipment plant, which will produce both silicon-based solar cells and thin-film solar cells, is scheduled to be completed by February 2010, according to the Yixing branch of the National Development and Reform Commission.

However, it has not been decided when construction will begin on the wind power equipment assembly plant, which is considered to be the second phase of the project.

The complex is the largest industrial project currently being built in Yixing, according to the government.

With a total installed capacity of 76.95 million kilowatts (kW) as of the end of September, Guodian is one of the China's five largest power generators and has been increasingly investing in renewable energy projects over the last few years.

Guodian has more than 3.47 million kW of wind power installed capacity, making the company one of the largest wind power generators in China.