30 Oct 2009 16:25

South Africa wants Russia to remain key supplier of nuclear fuel cycle services

MOSCOW. Oct 28 (Interfax) - The Republic of South Africa would like Russia to continue acting as a leading supplier of products and services related to the nuclear fuel cycle for the South African nuclear power sector.

South African officials announced their proposal at the eighth session of the two countries' governmental committee for trade and business cooperation in Cape Town at the beginning of this week, the Russian Natural Resources Ministry said in a press release.

Russia reaffirmed its readiness to accept South Africa's proposal, the ministry said.

Russian and South African officials also stressed the importance of their meeting ahead of the Russian president's visit to South Africa in the spring of 2010, during which the two countries plan to sign a series of governmental agreements, it said.

Addressing the results of bilateral cooperation in trade and investment, the participants in the session said that last year saw an increase in the volume of the two countries' trade, despite the global financial and economic crisis.

The use of subsoil resources was among the key issues on the session's agenda as well.

Discussing priority areas of cooperation, the participants in the session mentioned high technology projects intended to generate electricity using solar photovoltaic systems and other renewable energy sources.