12 Nov 2009 13:19

Russia had budget deficit of 4.7% of GDP in ten mths

MOSCOW. Nov 12 (Interfax) - Russia had a federal budget deficit of tentatively 1.506 trillion rubles, or 4.7% of GDP, for January-October, the Finance Ministry said in a press release.

The October deficit was 178.8 billion rubles or 4.9% of GDP for that month.

Budget revenue was 5.789 trillion rubles, or 86.2% of the 2009 revenue target, in the ten months. Expenditure, calculated by the cash execution method, was 7.295 trillion rubles or 73.7% of the target.

The primary deficit was an estimated 1.356 trillion rubles or 4.2% of GDP in the ten months.

Estimated GDP was 32.135 trillion rubles in the ten months and 3.656 trillion rubles in October.