19 Nov 2009 14:00

Number of Eastern Siberian fields exempt from export duty may rise to 22

MOSCOW. Nov 19 (Interfax) - The number of oil fields in Eastern Siberia whose output is exempt from the export duty may rise to 22, a source in the Energy Ministry told Interfax.

"A resolution has been drafted that expands the number of fields to 22 from 13," the source said.

The nine new fields that might be included on the list are: Yaraktinskoye, Danilovskoye, Markovskoye, Zapadno-Ayanskoye, Tagulskoye, Suzunskoye, Yuzhno-Talakanskoye, Vakunaiskoye and Chayandinskoye.

The Energy Ministry has agreed the resolution with the relevant government bodies and forwarded it the Economic Development Ministry, the source said.

It was reported earlier that the number of fields in Eastern Siberia subject to the zero export duty might rise to 18.

The government has established a special customs code for oil from the Eastern Siberian fields that specifies its density in the range 694.7-872.4 kilograms per cubic meter with a sulfur content in the range 0.1%-1%.

It was reported earlier that the 13 fields are: Vankorskoye, Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye, Talakanskoye (including the eastern block), Alinskoye, Srednebotuobinskoye, Dulisminskoye, Verkhnechonskoye, Kuyumbinskoye, Severo-Talakanskoye, Vostochno-Alinskoye, Pilyudinskoye, Stanakhskoye and Verkhnepeleduiskoye. Oil from the fields will be exported under a special customs code.

The Federal Customs Service and the Energy Ministry worked out the procedures regulating oil exports from the Eastern Siberian fields in September. The zero export duty will apply based on a certificate of origin to be provided to oil producers by the Energy Ministry.

The mechanism for applying the zero export duty has still not been activated. The Economic Development Ministry has said that the export duty would be zeroed-out on a monthly basis.