27 Nov 2009 17:04

Trend toward economic recovery will prevail despite Dubai debt crisis

RAMBOUILLET. Nov 27 (Interfax) - The situation surrounding the Dubai investment fund is one of the post-crisis outbreaks, but the general trend toward global economic recovery will remain in place, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said.

"We have always said, and I would like to repeat this now, that the way out of the crisis will not be easy. Fluctuations are possible. And this [the Dubai debt crisis] is one of these fluctuations," Putin said at a press conference in reply to a question from Interfax outside Paris on Friday.

Putin acknowledged that the Dubai developments have affected the stock markets around the world, including Russia.

"But I believe that the trend toward overcoming the crisis in general will prevail. Fluctuations are possible, but the trends will be toward overcoming the crisis," he said.