30 Nov 2009 17:26

Russian political and economic calendar: December 1- 12

Date Event Time Venue Additional information
30.11.2009-01.12.2009 The Central Bank of Russia will hold auctions to offer banks 5 billion rubles in three-month unsecured loans and 10 billion rubles in five-week unsecured loans.
01.12.2009 The export duty on Russian crude oil will rise by $39.8 to $271 a tonne.
01.12.2009 Gazprom Neft is planning to publish US GAAP results of first nine months of 2009 and Q3 2009.
01.12.2009 Ordinary meeting of Bashneft shareholders will take place.
02.12.2009 Russia's Finance Ministry will hold auctions for the additional placement of Federal Loan bond issue (OFZ) 25071 worth 20 billion rubles at total face value.
02.12.2009 Integra will publish IFRS results for the first nine months of 2009.
02.12.2009 Extraordinary meeting of Baltika Shareholders will take place.
03.12.2009 Sitronics will publish US GAAP results for the first nine months of 2009 and Q3 2009.
03.12.2009 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will visit Vatican with a working visit.
04.12.2009 Meeting of Comstar Shareholders will take place.
04.12.2009 Mosenergo will start placing five-year bonds of the third-series bonds. The value 5 billion rubles.
07.12.2009 Company RUSAL is expected to begin a road show for its IPO.
07.12.2009 Meeting of Inter RAO Shareholders will take place.